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Carlsbad Historical Society - Kentner Collection - 1908-1927

1908 Carlsbad Grammar School
1) 1908 Carlsbad Grammar School
1927 Avocado Day  - State Street
2) 1927 Avocado Day - State Street
 1920 Carlsbad Depot
3) 1920 Carlsbad Depot

Carlsbad Historical Society - Koff Riggs Collection - 1950-1960

Twin Inns 1
4) Twin Inns 1
Twin Inns 2
5) Twin Inns 2 - Corner of Elm and Highway 101
Twin Inns 3
6) Twin Inns 3

Mecca Room Entrance - Highway 101

Carlsbad Historical Society - Lindeman Collection (Chase Wilson Family)

Lindeman 208
7) Elmer Wilson at his diner circa 1930
Lindemann Store
8) 1900 Aunt Dell and Roy Chase and children: Loynal, Delores and Geraldine

- Chase Store/Post Office

Carlsbad Historical Society - Detwiler Collection

Carlsbad Historical Society - Leo Carrillo Photos

Carrillo and Mack
9) 1949 Leo Carrillo at Carrillo Ranch and Connie Mack

Cornelius McGillicuddy, better known as Connie Mack, was an American professional baseball player, manager, and team owner. The longest-serving manager in Major League Baseball history.

Carrillo Party
10) Lambs Wash Players at Carrillo Ranch 1949
Carrillo in Group with Mack
11) Leo Carrillo hosting Connie Mack and his ball team

Carlsbad Historical Society - Pictures group 5

State Street
12) State Street
Royal Palms Welcome
13) Royal Palms Welcome
Royal Palms Corner
14) Royal Palms- Cohen Estate- Corner of Carlsbad Blvd and Elm ( Carlsbad Village Drive) 1952
Home Builders
15) Home Builders
Carlsbad Sign
16) Carlsbad Hotel Billboard

Carlsbad Historical Society - Photos for Sale Group 6

South Coast Land Realtors
17) Real Estate Offices 1949-State Street
Highway 101
18) Highway 101
Claude Fennel Real Estate
19) Claude Fennel Real Estate
Realtor A. Pointsler 2
20) Realtor A. Pointsler - State Street
Shamrock Cafe
21) Shamrock Cafe 1940
Carlsbad Hotel
22) Carlsbad Hotel - Highway 101
Your Health Food Store-  Grand Ave- March 1949
23) Your Health Food Store- Grand Ave- March 1949
Grammar School
24) Grammar School
Bauer Lumber
25) Bauer Lumber - N. State Street
Bressi Ranch 1950s Corner of El Camino Real and Palomar Airport Road
26) Bressi Ranch

1950s Corner of El Camino Real and Palomar Airport Road

Bressi Ranch
27) Bressi Ranch
Carlsbad Hotel Entrance
28) Carlsbad Hotel Entrance
Royal Palms Continental Room
29) Bressi Ranch

Royal Palms Continental Room

Rock Haven
30) Rock Haven
Liquor Store and Deli
31) Liquor Store and Deli
Lambs Wash Players
33) Lambs Wash Players
Royal Palms Welcome
34) Royal Palms Welcome
Carlsbad Hotel -Highway 101
35)Carlsbad Hotel -Highway 101